Global learning in the heart of Texas

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The inquiry-based approach of the IB “Primary Years Programme” (PYP) is ideally suited to integrate science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics : STEAM !


Learning objectives in these interrelated subject areas are carefully woven into meaningful study projects called “Units of Inquiry”. Each Unit of Inquiry is planned around specific learning outcomes, as a result of regular and focused collaborative planning by the class teachers and the team of Specialist teachers and Coordinators.


More information about the International Baccalaureate PYP can be found on the IB website :


In the focus on Engineering skills, students benefit from the dedicated STEAM facility at Abercorn International School, which includes a carpentry workshop area, a Lego engineering center, and a live solar-energy monitoring corner. Along with plentiful science materials and equipment, as well as an extensive collection of STEM student books, this area provides a stimulating addition to the usual class environment at Abercorn.


Within the Arts aspect of STEAM, students have opportunities for personal expression, enjoyment and creative action. They explore with imagination, make emotional responses, value Art for its aesthetic pleasure and gain insights into the impact of creativity in the technological world. They have ample opportunities to display their own work and to extend their experience of exhibitions with fieldtrips to Austin’s galleries and museums.


With regard to Technology, our students use interactive whiteboards in the classroom for collaborative group work and presentations, and they use laptops and Ipads for individual work as well as for working in pairs. The wireless campus and mobility of the devices enables research and lesson enrichment to take place in a seamless manner, wherever the students need this access, since learning at Abercorn International School takes place outside of the classroom as well as within.


The school believes in investing in the latest technology and pedagogy in order to provide the most stimulating opportunities possible. Abercorn students develop skills in word processing and data handling. They find, use and communicate information and develop the research and organizational skills necessary for information storage and retrieval. They learn to sequence instructions and to model using computer programs : coding in embedded into the Abercorn technology curriculum. They also work with a range of programs to design and create in multiple dimensions, and are able to print their work on the school’s 3D printer!


Abercorn International School is proud to be an IB World School authorized to deliver the Primary Years Programme.