Global learning in the heart of Texas

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Art & Design Technology

sHO7C2793At Abercorn we believe that the art and design technology curriculum offers students of all ages opportunities for personal expression, enjoyment, creative action, imagination, emotional response, aesthetic pleasure and the creation of shared meanings.

Learning about art and design technology provides students with opportunities to explore social and cultural values, as well as spiritual and worldly beliefs in America and throughout the world. Through this process students will learn, celebrate, share and build understanding of these values and beliefs.

Visual art and design employs a unique symbol system and language. Students can learn to ‘read’ the conventions of the symbol systems used in the visual arts to communicate and to exchange ideas about the world, thereby gaining knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world.

Work is regularly exhibited to parents and frequent visits are made to Austin’s galleries and museums.

Abercorn International School is proud to be a Candidate School for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (I.B.P.Y.P), with the aim of becoming an I.B. World School in the near future.