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Activities & Sport


At Abercorn International School, physical activities and sport are considered an important part of the curriculum. The program encourages students to improve and master various skills while developing good sportsmanship, discipline, cooperation and leadership.

Through a range of activities, students develop mental focus, positive thinking, teamwork, and game strategy. They are encouraged to become physically active for increasingly sustained periods of time, in the commitment to ensuring they lead healthy, active lives beyond their school days.

The program includes dedicated swimming lessons, in which students develop confidence and a range of self-help skills in their younger years, and targeted aquatic skills as they move through the Primary years.

Our annual Sports Day gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their sporting skills, as well as to respond to competition in an appropriate manner, all whilst enjoying a family picnic environment!

Abercorn International School is proud to be an IB World School authorized to deliver the Primary Years Programme.