Global learning in the heart of Texas

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World Languages

At ADSC_4310bercorn International School, we believe that language is at the heart of student learning. We feel it is fundamental to thinking, communicating and self-expression and that it must permeate all aspects of the curri

culum. We also believe that the opportunity to learn more than one language can enhance cognitive development, whilst at the same time developing cultural identity, emotional stability, and a global focus.


We believe that the acquisition of additional languages helps to foster international-mindedness and we therefore consider it important to promote multiple languages proficiency in our students. To pursue this goal, students have lessons in Mandarin and Spanish daily, from the earliest age.


Further exposure to both languages is created through purposeful inclusion whenever possible – for example, by language labels throughout the building, including the dining-hall and Menu board, and by singing in the languages during Assemblies. Whenever feasible, Bilingual teaching Assistants also reinforce the target language at other times above and beyond the language specific lessons.












Abercorn International School is proud to be an IB World School authorized to deliver the Primary Years Programme.