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Pastoral Care

At Abercorn International School instilling confidence and keeping our students happy is our first priority; knowing that when a child is well settled emotionally, academic success will follow.

At the heart of the Primary Years Programme lies the learner, and Abercorn fosters the development of the following characteristics which are exemplified by the entire school community and developed throughout the school day, both inside and outside the classroom.

Our aim is to nurture globally-minded citizens who are Our aim is to foster the following attitudes
Communicators Appreciation
Thinkers Commitment
Inquirers Confidence
Risk-takers Creativity
Knowledgeable Cooperation
Principled Curiosity
Caring Empathy
Open-minded Enthusiasm
Balanced Independence
Reflective Integrity

In addition to teaching our students how to respect and grow within a diverse and nurturing community we have clearly defined structures to help support all age levels. These enable all our students the opportunity to reach their full potential during their time at Abercorn and beyond. With enviably small student-teacher ratios, our classrooms provide HO7C3082a safe environment for students to become fully engaged in learning and inquiry, growing both intellectually and emotionally. Each student has a Form Teacher who in an atmosphere of individual support and care enables his/her students to achieve their academic and personal potential. Students in Year 2 and below also have a full-time Teaching Assistant for additional support. The Headmistress is always available to discuss any areas of concern that may arise.

Abercorn International School is proud to be a Candidate School for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (I.B.P.Y.P), with the aim of becoming an I.B. World School in the near future.